There’s something about writing which relaxes me…. and there’s something about writing that frustrates me.

I honestly believe that writing is a way of release. However, for me, personally, it is a way of reflecting what is inside the inner depths of my mind which is one scary thing. When writing, people would see their dark sides. I found out that I’m vengeful, somewhat indecisive, very insecure, and unbelievably stubborn. And, whenever I’m writing and reliving all of those memories in my subconscious, the moodiness is just unfathomable.

Why am I saying that?

Imagine being in a cafe and suddenly you’re crying.

You want a more descriptive scene?

I was at the corner of the cafe with my pink, heart and glitter attacked laptop, in front of me. There’s a brownie by my side and tea as well. I’m typing, then reading, then typing, then reading, then crying and typing, and then crying and reading. I place my hand against my mouth and sob as the tears kept going down my cheeks.

The man beside me glances.

The security guard glances

Hashtag? #embarassing #notetoselfdonotwriteemotionalscenesinpublic